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Costume Events
I'm going--are you?
Potluck room 185 
31st-Jul-2009 09:56 pm
I'm in Room 185 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel.

While Room 186, the Costume Exhibit, has no meatballs, no sugar cookies, no zucchine chocolate chip muffins, no hibiscus-lemon tea, no peanut butter and jelly and honey and Nutella and cherry preserves, no bread, no crackers, no Trix, no Lucky Charms, no Moon Pies, no granola bars...

... the same can not be said for room 185.

We're open 11-5 tomorrow and Sunday. Stop on by.
3rd-Aug-2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your hospitality room - it was lovely.
3rd-Aug-2009 06:06 pm (UTC) - You're welcome!
It worked out well, I thought.

The Costume Exhibit had 314 visitors, judging by the gear stickers given away there.

Our Potluck Room had 154 visitor, judging by the penguin stickers we gave away. Not bad -- last year we only gave 80-something stickers away.

My suspicion is that the blue "Costume Exhibt -->" signs at the corner helped...
3rd-Aug-2009 06:07 pm (UTC) - Re: You're welcome!
I'm sorry you didn't get to have signage up. I told everyone I visited & even brought a couple back with me once. Thanks again!
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